The Belgo-Luxembourg Market Council aims to contribute to the sound, long-term and stable trade and economic relations between Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan.


2.1. Trade promotion

2.1.1 Introduction and promotion of Belgian-Luxembourg products, consultation and assistance with inquiries concerning trade transactions between Japan, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Cooperation in events such as trade fairs, exhibitions and shows. Organizing seminars on the Japanese and Belgian-Luxembourg markets. Collection and exchange of information.

As an example, the 2023 Belgian Product Fair, which will be held in conjunction with the Belgian Beer Weekend Yokohama and Shinjuku, will be supported and subsidized by the Foundation for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation (ITIC).

2.1.2 Promotion of personal exchanges, including hosting Belgian-Luxembourg missions and cooperation in dispatching missions from Japan.

2.1.3 Liaison and coordination with related government agencies and organizations.

2.1.4 Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of BLMC.

2.1.5 Organizing events, by its own and jointly with other organizations, to meet its objectives.

2.1.6 YES Program
YES (Young Executive Stay) is a training program in Japan for young executives of Belgian & Luxembourg SME’s who want to promote and grow their business in Japan.
During their one-week stay in Japan the selected executives first get an introduction to Japanese economy, culture and customs, followed by scheduled meetings with business prospects in Japan. The business matchmaking is done in collaboration with university students in Japan who also get the opportunity to visit the companies in Belgium & Luxembourg.
YES is a bi-annual program, co-organized by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce, supported by the BLMC.

2.1.7 Nippon Export Award
The purpose of this initiative is to reward the most successful company exporting to Japan, importing into Japan or distributing within Japan, Belgian-Luxembourg products/services.
This award is aimed at enhancing the winner’s image in both Belgian-Luxembourg and Japanese markets, and is an incentive for its staff.
The winning company receives an award and is allowed to mention on all their documents: "Winner of the Nippon Export Award". The use of Nippon Export Award logo is also granted.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the Foundation for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation (ITIC), thanks to which we could set up this website, as part of their support for our promotion projects.

These projects are funded by membership fees and grants, mainly from the Foundation for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation (ITIC).

2.2 Mutual fellowship

For the purpose of networking among members, we will organize events to which members are invited with the cooperation of our sister organization BLCCJ (Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan), the Embassy of Belgium in Japan and the Embassy of Luxembourg in Japan.

2.2.1 New Year events
At the beginning of the year, the BLMC organizes a lecture combined with a networking reception.
Additionally, the BLCCJ holds a New Year party which is attended by the Ambassadors of Belgium and Luxembourg. BLMC members are welcome to attend.

2.2.2 General Meeting and Reception
The Annual General Meeting is held at the Belgian or Luxembourg Embassy in Tokyo, followed by a reception hosted by the Ambassadors.

2.2.3 Belgian Beer Gatherings
The BLCCJ regularly hosts beer gatherings during the Belgian Beer Weekend festivals, to which the BLMC members are invited. This is a great opportunity to exchange business cards with members of the Chamber of Commerce in a casual atmosphere.

2.2.4 Gala Party
The BLCCJ's annual gala party is a major formal event, with the Ambassadors of Belgium and Luxembourg in attendance and a variety of entertainment and fine cuisine. BLMC members are welcome to attend this event, which is a great opportunity to deepen exchanges within the Belgian-Luxembourg-Japan community.


Board of Directors and staff

As of February 2023

Fabrice D. Tilot


President, Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Hidenori Tsutsui


Advisor, Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Executive Director, Japan-Belgium Society 

Kazushige Nobutani


President, Japan External Trade Organization

Satoshi Tokuda


Corporate Officer, Global Strategy & Coordination Dept., Sumitomo Corporation

Hironori Kato


President, Barco Japan

Kazuo Nishitani


Executive Director, General Manager, International Affairs, The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Shigenobu Fuchigami


Associate Manager, Second and Third Policy Proposal Group