The Belgo-Luxembourg Market Council aims to contribute to the long-term and stable trade and economic relations between Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan.

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Greetings from the Chairman

Fabrice Tilot

Belgo-Luxembourg Market Council
Fabrice D. Tilot, Chairman

The Belgo-Luxembourg Market Council was established on September 13, 1979 as a follow-up to the "Benelux Import Promotion Mission" dispatched by the Japanese government to Belgium and Luxembourg in May 1979.
Since then, with the exceptional support of the Japanese government and leading Japanese entities, we helped in hosting missions to boost imports from Belgium and Luxembourg and promote investment in both countries, holding seminars and other activities.
The BLMC has helped in strengthening the relationship between Japan, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Belgium and Luxembourg play an important role in the European Union in the political, economic, and cultural spheres.
Both countries promote free trade policies and contribute significantly to the development and expansion of the global economy.
For Japan, Belgium and Luxembourg are also important partners for trade and investment, and economic exchanges are very active.

At the 2020 Board of Directors Meeting and the following Annual General Meeting, I had the great honor to take over as the 6th President of BLMC.

Through our activities we will strive to contribute to the sound development of trade and economic relations between Japan, Belgium and Luxembourg, and to the strengthening of friendly relations between all three countries.

Thank you for your trust, your continued support and unvaluable cooperation.